February 2016



So it has come to pass that emotional wellbeing may just not be possible without physical wellbeing. This next string of words, therefore, continues to emphasize the importance of cardiovascular exercise, a strain that I seemed to veer towards in my last post which, again, I hope was sufficiently informative, if not, inspirational for you. I say inspirational, because those of you who are discovering new things about yourself in the sense that you now know just how much better your life can be with regular exercise and being, quite frankly, physically active in your life.

If you just want to lose weight, for starters, you should be encouraged to know that there are cardiovascular exercise plans that last anything from around four to twelve weeks before positive results begin to be seen and felt. The cardiovascular physical exercise plan works in tandem with a healthy eating plan which is also based on actual weight against size and height of the woman. Because it is also a process of recovering lost strength (muscle) there will be a focus on eating protein enriched foods, such as eggs, poultry and fish.

I deliberately excluded red meat at this stage because for me personally it has become non-negotiable. Red meat carries far too much unhealthy fat and sodium levels are also sky high. What concerns me more is the high bacterial content in red meat. I understand that it remains particularly challenging for many women to seek out or purchase the healthier, organic alternatives. This will always depend on their socio-economic and geographic circumstances.

For many overweight women, cardiovascular exercise is not at all easy, certainly not in the first few weeks of training. Quite by chance, I came across an analogy used by a fitness enthusiast which I think is well worth sharing. I think it’s superb because it’s also encouraging for those who are bound to struggle in the early days of trying to discard excess fat. The term used is ‘steady-state cardio’. What I like about this is that the main exercises it entails is nothing to be frightened of. Within a few days, it will be a pleasurable breeze. These steady state exercises include brisk walking. From brisk walking you can graduate to jogging. Note that there is a distinct difference between jogging and actual running.

Cycling gets included in this analogy as well; however, it is not as intimidating as it looks. There is no need for you to be dodging traffic in dangerous to negotiate lanes. There is no need to fret over losing your balance due to carrying a heavy weight. The bike in question is a stationary one. There are customized exercise bikes built just for you. You don’t even need to visit a busy gym to enjoy your weight loss ride. You can purchase your own bike and plonk it in your living room. Enjoy the show while you enjoy your ride.

Then there is interval training which allows you to push yourself intensely for short bursts. Of course, your body will only be able to take so much. The intervals allow you to take those short breaks to catch your breath and allow your heart rate to drop closer to its normal level. I must go. It is time for my walk.




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