Four creative ideas for original blogging

It is still niggling my brain, but I myself am still thinking of new creative ways to blog. My confession today is that, previously, I did not spend enough time researching ways and means to achieve this. My excuse was always work.

Ironically, blogging formed part of work in the sense that I extended myself towards other women, also deviously in the hope of attracting new clients. It worked for a while, but it wasn’t entirely enjoyable.

There did not seem to be any creative sparks flying left, right and center. Also, it always appeared challenging to write originally, because much of what I was discussing at the time, usually along the lines of self-help modules, had already been done already. It almost felt like I was simply regurgitating old theories still being used by like-minded professionals. Whether they were eruditely peer-reviewed and found to be workable in practice is now no longer the point to me.

It is up to the readers to decide whether this personal blog of mine is a step up in the right direction. Emotionally, it seems to be helping me. I get to share personal thoughts with whoever chooses to read my posts. I also don’t need to be too theoretical about whatever matter related to work I am describing and can simply share subjective thoughts whenever I please. This I do within reason, I like to believe. Before it gets really late, let me share four creative sparks that came to me just moments ago.

Ditch the internet and use your own words
The library used to be the place to go for competent and diligent readers and researchers for important material and ideas for creating good blog posts. Today, time always being of the essence, the internet has proved to be even more effect for blog writers. I have been writing a lot of my own material wide of this for a while now, relying mostly on memory from previous reading. I have been doing this deliberately in order to keep my words as fresh and original as possible.

Speak from the heart; readers will love you for this
That is the essence of a personal blog. Your point of view is personal and is based on what you think personally on matters that interest you, things of importance in your life and, perhaps most importantly, matters of the heart which you would like to get off your chest. It is up to you really, but you don’t need to get too deep and personal if you want. I have found, however, that the more emotively your thoughts are expressed in your white space, the better the chance there is of an overwhelming and heartfelt response from your readers.

Keep to the rule of respecting your readers
Not all readers will agree with what you post, that’s quite alright. Life would be quite boring if we all agreed on the same things. It is far more enriching for both you and your readers if there is more diversity with words and the expression of contrasting thoughts, opinions and ideas. From time to time, depending on how personal you choose to get, there may be some harsh criticism. Do not worry about this, and don’t ever take it too personally. Keep your chin up, or take it on the chin (like a lady), whichever the case may be.

By just being yourself, your words will be original
One of the skills learned from keeping your mind undistracted and uncluttered from other reading material on the internet, is that you are focusing all attention on what’s playing on your mind, and not referring too liberally to what others are saying about a particular topic or issue being raised. I have found that, in general, it is quite difficult to be entirely open and honest about events in one’s life. But this is diminished greatly when you post your thoughts in this manner on your blog.

My name is known. Whatever else is known about me is what I have put down for you to read. There is next to no danger of me being stalked. There are effective ways and means of dealing with trolls and spam ware. As I mentioned earlier, the idea of writing as personally as I possibly can appeals to me. It does seem to help me emotionally. It is like a good breath of fresh air coming your way after you have let go of something critical and shared it with others.

Apart from trying to be as honest as possible with your own words, you basically just have to be yourself. Unless it is called for creatively, you do not need to pretend to be someone else.