I hope you enjoyed my earlier post on this subject. I certainly enjoyed writing it up. What I got out of it may raise similar positive emotions for you. As you may recall, I emphasized mainly the idea of writing from a personal point of view as a featured style of a personal or journal-style blog. But, of course, we have to acknowledge that we are all quite different from one another, so it doesn’t necessarily follow that this idea of mine will always find credence with other bloggers.
Today, I think I’m just going to share some thoughts on the different blogging styles I have picked up surreptitiously over time. Having an interest in mainly the affairs of my fellow women, not necessarily feminist, the blogs I explored occasionally were produced by mainly female writers. But of course, each and every blog was vastly different, written in a different style and on different topics or subjects. I think what I’m about to share here may also be about things I’ve learned about blogging in general. So, while you may pick up some interesting tips or writing ideas (for yourself) along the way, I will never profess to be a know it all.

Political writing
I am starting with the sub-genre while it is still fresh in my mind.
Here’s why. Also, I have to make mention of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump as case studies here. The post was written by a feminist political reporter who very subtly made remarks of matters in common with the female front runner in this year’s US Presidential election. But her theme was on the very annoying matter of lying, something which politicians in general and, indeed, these two subjects here are quite guilty of.

Book reviews
I suppose because of my interest in books, this is a genre that I have covered the most in the distant past.

The most brilliant reviews were written by the professionals. These would be acclaimed or well-known fiction writers and non-fiction authors giving thorough and extensive reviews of their colleagues’ recently published work. The highlighted books you will always find on the internet’s best-known book reviews, literary reviews and best-seller lists. The standout site for those whose interests in books are as keen as mine would be the New York Times book review site.

Following what others had to say and demonstrate on the popular subject of cooking started with my own personal interest in wanting to improve my health, lifestyle and healthy eating habits.
Here I was guilty of trying to find quick-fix solutions to some of the things that I was dealing with or had an interest in. I found myself too busy and preoccupied with other matters in my personal and professional life to bother to spend a good amount of time at the local library. So, to the internet I went. Apart from being overwhelmed with interesting ideas along with creative and innovative recipes, I soon discovered that doing research on the internet was a pretty good idea after all.

Knitting and sewing
Even though I am not as clued up about these subjects as many of you out there may be, I can still share some thoughts on what I discovered.

It is still prevalent in my present array of thoughts. What I noticed with some delight was the emphasis on the use of color and visual presentations and demonstrations. While the women were discussing and demonstrating their knitting and sewing projects and finished crafts, behind the scenes, talented designers were hard at work building attractive photographic and video presentations for the benefit of readers and viewers.

Health and Fitness
I have used these websites so often mainly because of work and the need to research required factual information to help me put together project and self-improvement plans for a great number of my clients.

If I could offer just one word of advice on how you approach your reading of these popular but important websites, it would be this. Always check the credentials of the writers. If you are that interested in the subject you are following, you will also be interrogating the background from which the health and/or fitness writer gained her information. You do not want to be taking important medical and health advice from rank amateurs.

Professional blogging
I suppose this is where I should really come into my own, speaking as objectively as possible on the subject of blogging professionally, but even so, I can still not profess to know enough about the effective techniques required to make corporate, commercial and non-governmental blogs, among others, stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

But here I do have a very soft spot for many of the small businesses from around the world who are all only trying to earn a decent and honest living by promoting their products and services on the internet. I feel for second or third language speakers who want to achieve greater reach by promoting their work in the universally spoken and written language of English. This is because many of these small businesses have spent hard earned money employing ‘professional’ writers to blog on their behalf.
But the work that these writers produce is quite shoddy and unprofessional. The paragraphs are riddled with basic language errors and others that professional writers should never be making at all. While I do understand that many of them are poorly paid and may be under pressure of time, they should at least be reading their work through once before it is published.

Well, this has turned out to be quite an enjoyable post to write. The joy of seeing words punched out of your keyboard that you had no initial idea would come out gives you sometimes a certain element of creative pride, being pleasurably surprised at seeing new words come to the fore that weren’t initially planned for.