If I get to talk about books in this post, then so be it. It may be a good thing. But to be quite honest with you, I have not been reading as voraciously as I would have liked and had been doing up to about a year ago. My present reading across all genres is rather sporadic at the best of times. This is a pity because my mind is not entirely focused on the text and its words and appears to be distracted by things, stressful issues related to work mainly, away from the book or paper.

I have found though, that the occasional watching of a movie does help me sometimes. It, of course, has to be quite a good show and its story and characters may strike a chord with me personally. What I thought I’d do today is just continue to write mainly from the heart. If you find me moving from a discussion on movies or just one show that I found to be inspirational for me personally, to covering an entirely different topic, let’s just say movies or documentaries covering controversial or important topics, then please forgive me.

Anyway, this is how it all starts then. Yes, my first thought was on inspiration. My clearest memory of inspirational movies should have broad appeal to many women, professional or students, and of all ages and groupings out there. The Intern is nothing like the classic movie from the late nineteen-sixties (am I right about the date?), The Graduate. While the so-called graduate was basically up to unexpected things he had no business delving into, this intern was doing something really wholesome and quite inspirational.

Also, this intern’s credentials were unexpected as well. And what he ended up doing was quite a pleasant surprise. The company that he was working for is quite a familiar one to many of you. Many reading this post are regular users of the internet. Many of you also use the internet for your shopping. And, of course, what woman is not interested in the latest fashion trends doing the rounds of the internet.

Many of you will be visiting fashion blogs or highly specialized online retailers that write about and sell the latest clothing and fashion lines from different parts of the world. Anyway, this company began as a startup by a highly creative, innovative and ambitious young woman. No, she is not the intern I am about to refer to. That comes later. It will be a surprise. I’ll try my best not to spoil the story for you because I really would love it if you did watch it.

This young woman is the boss of a leading online retailer of fashion wear and gifts. Here, you may as well add household items and electronic goods too. In a short space of time, this woman’s company grew at a phenomenal pace. She really worked hard to get it up and running. That it went beyond her wildest expectations could have been a huge surprise for her and her loved ones. Because she was so busy with far too many tasks, she completely forgot that she had initiated a fresh internship program at her company.

Ok, so the day arrives for the new recruits to take their places behind their desks and wait for their first instructions from their designated mentors. And, yes, you guessed right, most of the time, their tasks were mundane and seemingly trivial. Like going to fetch coffee for the boss or ordering and fetching the boss’s takeout. Needless to say, there were some grumbles and sighs here and there, never mind the fact that they were at least getting paid to do all of this. Or were they, I can’t quite remember.

Anyway, the star attraction is the most unlikely candidate for an internship. He was decidedly old-school so, expectedly and understandably he had some difficulty adjusting to the new office environment. But little did all and sundry know that this gentleman had years of work and life experience behind him. It would later come to be a great advantage for the company and to its staff. No-one could quite understand why this pensioner wanted to return to work doing something so junior.
He was quite well off, thank you very much, and so certainly did not need the money. But, while he did have things to do with himself every day, he was getting pretty bored with it and, at his age, he did not want to stagnate. So, when this unusual opportunity came up, he thought, well, why not. So, hope you have enjoyed this surprising turn of events so far. Even I did not expect the direction this post would take. And, thankfully, I have not had to mention one book which would have been a faded memory anyhow.

Also, I have managed to muse for this long talking about one subject and just one movie. The difficulty and/or challenge of doing a good movie review is that competent reviewers are trying to be as critical as possible about the show they have watched without giving too much of it away to their readers. When that happens, I think, these days, they call it a spoiler. So, not a movie reviewer myself, I am anxiously hoping that I have not spoiled anything for those who haven’t yet seen The Intern.

So, here I can begin winding this post to a close with a bit of a flourish. It feels like an inspiration. I guess the point I am making is not clear cut to me at this stage because my thoughts are all over the show right now. But it does seem to me that we are never too old to start trying out new things. Also, if you have ambitions towards starting your own company some day, you should never give up on that goal either. Because, as this movie may have alluded, it does seem quite possible.