My previous post gave you an inkling of my dilemma in regard to living up to my own claim to fame in motivating and encouraging others to profess their passions in life to others and most especially for themselves.

Today, I thought I would just spare you a few lines on how one typical day goes for me. It’s going to be something of a personal exercise as well, call it an open-book (personal) journal where others such as yourselves, have privileged access to some of my daily musings and thoughts.
Here, I am describing a typical day in my life. It started rather awfully, I might add, but thankfully, into the afternoon, it turned out quite alright. You, see, I recently came down with the flu. I am not sure how I managed to catch the bug at this time of the year so quickly. Perhaps it was the sudden cloud burst the other day which left me slightly wet as I made my way home from a meeting and then some shopping afterwards.

Anyway, the sun is shining quite brightly and I am stationed at my desk typing out an outline for a project plan for one of my clients. We are going to be organising a little party for her child. So far, this project is going quite well and by the end of the afternoon, I will have sold the plan to the young lady. By next week, after the weekend, I hope to have received an early payment from my grateful client who would have, by then, hosted a successful birthday bash.

That’s me being my usual optimistic self. I could not believe how easy it was to come up with ideas to sell to the mother. I just finished penning some thoughts on the famous Walt Disney characters. Surely you will all remember how delighted we all were when encountering one of our favourite characters as little kids. Don’t ask me why, I cannot remember anyway, but for some or another reason, I always seemed to fancy good old Goofy.

Anyway, I learned that from a very early age, little kids are already thinking about their future careers. None of them, so far, has cottoned on to event planning. The boys all seem to want to be firemen or policemen, while the girls still want to be nurses or school teachers or mothers. Why not doctors, I thought. But that was the feminist side of me thinking out loud, I suppose. Anyway, the idea was sold in next to no time.

I guided the mother on where she could go and hire her party supplies and mailed her a list of playful food ideas for the young party guests. Then I closed my laptop and set myself on out the front door and off for a quick walk while the sun was still out. This has to be one of my greatest personal passions, I suppose. Nothing seems to get me going better for my day than moving my lithe limbs along my favourite side-walks.

Well, there you have it girls, it may not seem much, but that, in a short space of just two or so hours has been a typical (busy) afternoon for me. Work-wise and even fun-wise.