From difficult days to days of thunder

Let me remind some of the ladies who might have been looking for or expecting something a bit more structural from this writer that this blog is a personal one. It gives reflections of personal experiences from life, and the theme for this particular post continues very much along those lines. I also had an interesting conversation with a copy editor who sometimes comes in to check my work to see if it is viable for publication on the internet.

She seems to always be looking for originality. That much, of course, I do understand. While she has not expressly stated this, she seems to be looking for a lot of material that is designed as ‘how to’ guides and/or stories. I understand that too, and I also know that there is quite a market for this sort of stuff. In actual fact, given my own work, I think it is great that there are a lot of women out there taking time and trouble to read things on how to improve their lives.

Now, I feel assured that I can continue with my own journalized style of writing. I have not had much time lately to research this but from what I have gathered so far there are quite a number of women out there keeping similar, if I can call it this; open journals. What this means, of course, is that what would normally be transcribed inside of a personal journal is partially shared on the World Wide Web. Issues of confidentiality and security are fine.

The style of writing is transcribed in such a way that no-one really knows how to get hold of me personally. So, other than knowing that my name is Jennifer, no online prowler can get a hold of me. I think they call them trolls. They somehow still find a way into our blogs, whether we are running personal journals or commercial orientations. Ditching trolls is easy enough as many of you have found out.

I seem to have gotten off the original point I was aiming to make. Such is the personal journal as thoughts meander their way across the white space and from line to line. Never mind, as I indicated in this post’s title, I am determined to put difficult days behind me and head into my glorious days. Some of you may have gotten a hint that I’m into movies. Here again, I chose my title playfully. My motivations for doing this, you will be interested to know, are purely romantic.

Who remembers that movie Days of Thunder? I vaguely recall an onscreen romance between real life husband and wife Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman. They have since divorced some years ago already. Anyway, I happen to like Cruise’s movies in general. But am I in love with him? Obviously not. Anyway, as I begin to think more progressively and positively how I am going to reorder my life, I am thinking that there will be time and place for a number of passions and hobby-like things that I had been neglecting over the last few years.

I did not find time and space for romance either. Now, I would very much like a piece of the cherry and apple pie, only this time I will keep my wits about me and retain more realistic expectations from the guys that I might be dating in the future. I won’t be thinking too deeply about a man of my dreams, in fact, I wouldn’t know much about him at this stage anyhow. And can you make a cherry and apple pie? Of course you can.

So, for me, my days of thunder will signify a lot more adventure and free-spiritedness, wrapped warmly in faith and alongside the necessary serenity and order that is going to help me be a better girl that I know I can be. It is now all about the power of positive thinking. I had yet another bout of anxious moments, but just before typing out this post, I put all that behind me after centering all positive thoughts while out on a walk in the sun.