When the going gets tough

Ok, I think this post may be a little bit easier to write up somehow. Because today I am just going to be keying in the words just as they come to me. Here, it is weekend, and all my clients, well, there are only two of them really at this point in time, well, and they are probably having a well-deserved rest. I am thinking a lot lately about the vagaries of daily life. And, again, I am thinking about the irony of my own life and current personal circumstances. I am also thinking along the lines of the title I have given today’s post. One more thought to add; the differences between rational thinking and doing things irrationally. Finally, this post must end on a positive note, not just for me, but for you too, particularly those of you who might need a bit of a leg-up. Let’s start with rational thinking.

Rational thinking
Where rational thinking is concerned, I put my own mind in a good space. This was designed to help me focus. I combined my love for being creative with words by structuring this post into a series of sub-headings. See, this even helps you. I have also put into practice effective online communications. See, unlike this opening paragraph, I have now shortened the rest of them considerably for the convenience of all readers. They can also focus on what appeals to them the most.

When things don’t seem to make sense
It becomes a little difficult to focus, even when you are sitting alone at your desk and with nary a sound to disturb you. When you are under severe pressure, things don’t always make sense, and yet in this life we still all need to get up in the morning. Those that don’t simply make things harder for themselves. The best advice given to anyone who is struggling is to simply do the best you can. And do not be discouraged when things don’t seem to be going your way right now. Both persistence and patience does pay off in the end. The only way you will know this is if you give it a try yourself.

How tough life is
My life is tough at the moment. Don’t know much about yours at this stage. Can’t tell you how many times I, myself, have sat with ladies who just could not stop crying. It can be hurtful to me too sometimes because other than offering ongoing consolation, I also feel helpless, thinking, well, how else am I going to help this lady, as the case may be. Life is tough. Take heart in the fact that it is tough for every single woman, even those who appear to be extremely successful in life. So, there you go, you are not alone.

The irony of my circumstances
I have been emphasising this for a while now, but my personal and professional circumstances are quite ironic. Because it is playing on my mind a lot right now, I think it is well worth repeating. My job, essentially, is to help troubled women organise their lives better and to help them out of personal crises. And yet, here I am, feeling quite helpless in not being able to help myself right now.

When the going gets tough
Finally, I am now taking my own advice usually given to others to just carry on. I am overwhelmed with work at the moment. There is just so much we can do, right? So, here I am doing just that.