Being a single-minded and single career woman does have some pitfalls, I am sure some of you will agree.

In my case, it is not being able to see my family often enough. Because I love them that much and look forward to the occasion, I visit my mom and dad as often as I can. Usually, this is only every second week. And in that short space of time, which always seems to fly away so quickly, I miss them dearly already.

In spite of my mother’s nagging, she can’t really help this now can she, she is, after all, a good mother, and what good mother does not have nagging as part of her repertoire, even when her children are grown adults and can pretty much take care of themselves, well, I look forward to the occasion. In my case, my mom usually has a just cause. But I have learnt to temper myself in her authoritative company and usually let off some peaceful steam with my dad in the yard.

I mean she does the same with my two older brothers who just happen to be a lot more successful and better adjusted than I am in their professional, personal and family lives. This, by the way, has nothing to do with the fact that they both happen to be two red-blooded males. It was just a personal family observation. I wonder how I manage this because if I thought I did not see mom and dad often enough, I see even less of my brothers.

Such is both working and family life these days. There are just so many demands placed on all of us. Sometimes, if I can just add to this, I think it is all too much. What can you do? No sooner have you achieved one goal or objective, then off you go chasing another rainbow. Mind you, I think it’s great that we all remain ambitious in our lives. But, jeez, sometimes it can be quite hard, don’t you think. Now, as you know, I see a lot of this in others.

That’s why they come to me in the first place. Sometimes their projects or life goals are either quite complex or need additional professional (clinical) care that I cannot readily supply, let alone am not qualified to provide. But while faced with these challenging clients in the time that they are with me, I always turn to my own thoughts about my family. It provides me with a useful source of inspiration and, yes, sometimes this rubs off onto the clients as well.

When it comes to matters related to leadership, I generally find myself using my father as a role model. Not only does he dutifully lead by example, he is also a constant reservoir of wisdom. I may be guilty of bias in saying this, but I know of no other man that is wiser. Nevertheless, when it comes to matters of the heart, no matter how subjective or emotive, I always find myself looking towards my mother as my source of inspiration.

Late or not, it is what gets me out of bed in the morning.