This is not the easiest of subjects for me to write about, but I suppose the process of writing for me is made a little easier by the fact that I have at least a keen interest in these important topics. Whatever I end up sharing with you must not be taken too literally and should be explored elsewhere for verification at least, particularly if whatever I am talking about is of special interest to you. You see, even as a project manager and life skills coach, I am not entirely professionally qualified to offer informative and qualified advice related to issues on both health and fitness.

If something does make complete sense to you here, then know that whatever it is, it is likely to have been picked up elsewhere from my own reading and subject explorations elsewhere. And generally in professional practice, I need to research my subjects quite thoroughly before I put a draft plan together for my clients. I usually have a few colleagues in the relevant sectors that I can call on from time to time. They know me well, so always have no trouble looking up what I’m after.

Now that I have clearer thoughts on these popular but complex subjects, let me get on with exploring them further. All I’ll be doing, once more, is sharing personal thoughts from observations made and things I may have learned or discovered along the way. Before I forget, let me just clear up my sentiment on health and fitness-related subjects being complex. Written from the source, they would be complex in the sense that far too much clinical and medical jargon is used that general readers will either have difficulty in understanding or lose patience or interest with.

My opinion is this. The best medical journalists (online) will not be resorting to complex language that you and I are always going to have to spend time mulling about. The gist of online writing, as these good journalists well know, is that our attention spans are generally a lot shorter than it would normally be if we were reading from books, newspapers or magazines. So, the online content is necessarily indicative of shorter paragraphs and the use of light-hearted, conversational language.
Anyway, let me share a few of my own thoughts on health and fitness as they have come to me lately.

Health and fitness go together

In order to be healthy, you need to be fit as well.

And in order to maintain and optimize your fitness levels, you need to be doing other things in your life which ensures that you will stay healthy all round for the long term. For instance, what is the use of stressing over a difficult piece of gym equipment in an overcrowded gym downtown? You are not doing your health any favors, are you? Also, I have to question the need to be fiercely competitive among many fitness freaks, never mind just the proverbial fitness fanatic. You may be fit and all, but are you truly happy with yourself, particularly after an ongoing losing battle with rival gymnasts for instance.

The healthy mind and the healthy body

In order for the mind to stay healthy, it helps that the rest of the body is healthy as well.
All the good doctors are still saying this. When you are stressed, other areas of the body will be impacted negatively. For instance, you may be wondering where you caught that last flu from after believing that you had done everything to boost your immune system and to keep out of harm’s way where viruses are concerned. Let me call this next point phenomenal. Many people still don’t quite comprehend this. While one stressed girl may catch the flu, another could just as easily catch a migraine. You see, we are all unique. So what happens to the one, won’t necessarily also be happening to the other.
Learn to enjoy your walks before dodging out for a run

This is pretty much the same as the saying that starts with learning to crawl before attempting to do anything else.

Just what is the point of raising a huge sweat extending yourself on a run around the block or through your nearby park, particularly when you are a tad overweight and had just recently started exercising? If you are one of those, stop at the next bus stop, get off and start all over again. Did you know that in order to be both healthy and happy at the same time, there’s really no need to kill yourself? A brisk walk will probably do you a lot more good than trying to imagine winning the next Boston marathon.

Healthy eating and fitness go together

I am going to use the example of a brilliant writer who was quite famous among many American health and running fanatics back in the nineteen seventies.

His name was James Fixx. His claim to fame was that he helped to revolutionize the road running boom back then. Thanks to his inspirational writing, thousands of Americans overhauled their lives and took up jogging and other exercises to become healthy and lose weight. Before Fixx started running himself, he was grossly overweight. By the time he was perceived to have reached peak fitness levels and looking quite fabulous as well, he died suddenly of a heart attack. You see, his problem was this. While he was running long distances, he was still indulging in far too many of his favorite burgers and fries and other harmful foods.

The best things in life are balanced

My play of words here could also be correlated with the wise saying of; everything in moderation.
And would you look at the time. What fun we had today writing up this post. They also say that time flies when you’re having fun. So, I could end this post by simply telling you to enjoy life by balancing each area of it in equal measure. Happy and healthy eating and walking.