And so it goes. We have come this far. We’ve had a heart to heart chat, in more ways than one, on the values of cardiovascular health. To think that it all began with my own heartfelt feelings for other women who are still going through a lot of strain on both the emotional and physical fronts. Now, you all know just how invaluable improved cardiovascular health can be in your life. Before I forget, let me just briefly introduce you to an interesting angle on healthy food for the heart. Already a few years in practice, the making of healthy smoothies is still being experienced as something of a sensation, even by those who are not too particular about their health but more in love with satisfying their taste buds.

Because I can tell you this much. Not only are smoothies wholesomely nourishing, they are awesomely tasty. While it is necessary for you to focus on specific food groups, specific to your health conditioning requirements, you can truly have a field day when it comes down to satiating your tastes. Health nuts, if I may use that expression, are already quite accustomed to what are known as green smoothies where there is a strong focus on the use of green vegetables.

My favorite, however, remains the breakfast smoothie which can also be enjoyed at other times of the day as a lighter than usual snack in between regular meals. These smoothies can be packed with fat-free plain yogurt, oats or muesli, raisins and nuts and your favorite breakfast time fruits. Mine just happens to be the banana. And instead of focusing too much on leafy greens, I like a good dollop of green avocado in my green smoothie.

Now, to put more stock on improving our cardiovascular health, let me impart to you a few reminders on what to look out for when striving towards a daily, balanced meal plan that is as heart-friendly as it can be. Other nutritionists are still saying choose foods that are low in salt or sodium. I say discard the salt altogether. Your heart will be thanking you in the morning for this. Also, others are suggesting that one should merely ‘cut back on sugar’. Granted, I know from personal experience just how difficult it can be to initially punish the old sweet tooth.

But I learned to gradually wean myself off white sugar and my favorite sugary snacks. Breakfast time or teatime, I’ve now utilized organic honey as my healthy replacement for processed white sugar. For once, I can agree that foregoing everything that is extremely harmful to you if taken in large or regular quantities overnight is near impossible. But it can be achieved over time. Soon, you’ll be growing your own organic vegetables instead of snapping up cans of the preserved varieties. You’ll be eating a little more fish instead of indulging in your favorite ribs on the barbecue fire.

And here is another reason on just why I hate red meat. Because it’s such a strong message to make a note of, I’m going to quote it in full just as I read it elsewhere. ‘Limit foods that have Trans fat. Too much Trans fat can cause heart attacks’. That’s putting it bluntly. Forget about red meat, what about all the processed foods in our supermarkets that we have all become quite accustomed to over the years. They are still there. But at least we now know that we have our reading glasses and we can read the ingredients labels on the products that we thought we fancied with our dinner tonight.

And that is about all I have to say on the subject of healthy eating for a healthy heart tonight. You know, all this talk of food has made me quite hungry. In a healthy sort of way, of course.