A surreptitious spurt on hobbies

A much later post is going to motivate those who need motivating why it is so important to have something to do with yourself, if not every day, then at least over the weekend.

I think I have mentioned this enough times already by now, but part of my job entails motivating women who have been having trouble organising their lives in directions it should be going and keeping them from stagnating or deteriorating in life.

This post will just be a short one listing some ideas that came to me while I was working on that other post. Here it may seem simple but believe me, it is not always easy coming up with ideas. I will probably mention that at the moment I am not finding enough time for myself to enjoy the things that particularly interest me. I can’t remember too much from my draft notes on motivating girls to take up hobbies, but I wonder if I am making sense to you right now. I see that time and space is already catching up with me, so perhaps I had better get on with it.

Just remember that these are just personal thoughts that came to me a moment ago and, this time around the post has been put together without looking into the affairs of others in all the obvious places that you may already be familiar with. By now, it may seem obvious to you, one of the things I enjoy doing is writing. It is part of my job anyway and because I get so much enjoyment out of putting words together, my work day does seem to go a lot quicker as a result.

This blog is part of that exercise. I am sharing ideas about life, what happens professionally and journaling personal thoughts which you are now able to read anonymously. Other than knowing my name as Jennifer and what I may be sharing with you from time to time, there is not much else you would know about me in the strictest sense of the word. This, I am afraid to say, is also for security reasons, both personally and materially.

Two things, actually, make that three things, I love doing, but haven’t been finding much time for lately, and now that I think of it, there is more; are reading, walking, hiking, watching movies, gardening, cooking and going out for picnics. This last hobby, when I think back to the time when I was doing this regularly, is particularly pleasurable. It is a lot more than just having a picnic. For me, it can be either a social affair or an opportunity for me to spend quiet time out alone in nature. Then there is still the preparation to be taken care of.

What hampers to pack in and what sort of itinerary to put together. This can also be days, even weeks, in the making. Oh, what fun. I have seen a few decent movies lately, all which took me by surprise in the sense that I did not expect that I would enjoy them. Books I have no problem with because I have more control over the titles I choose to read. Unlike finding movies, always difficult for me somehow, I have so many books here at home. Then there are still three libraries for me to visit, all at a good walking distance from my house.

Finally, that takes me on to my love for walking. I always say, why drive when you can walk. This time I really have to cut things short.