I was approached now the other day by a young mother of one. She is still finding it difficult to adjust her life around being a single and working mom.

That is where I come in. That’s my job and I am here to help this young lady organise her life. Part of the way, I will be offering loads of encouragement and motivating her to dig deep towards finding new inspiration for her difficult journey in life. One of the best motivating tools I use is reminding some of my distressed clients that, yes, while their life is quite hard, do not forget that life is hard for pretty much everyone around them.

Now, this distressed young lady was dealing with a new dilemma, and, to be quite honest, this time around it caught me quite off guard. Apart from the fact that I do not have children of my own, I was not sure how to respond to the young mother’s suggestive request on what to do for her child’s first birthday party. Not only my ignorance over very young children, but the fact that I generally don’t do parties in my own personal life, made it all the harder for me to come up with a positive response.

But as happens on such occasions of my professional life, it does also come to me quite quickly that after checking the positive reaction from my client; we decide to go with that bit of brainstorming. As it turned out on this occasion, after sucking my lip once more, I suddenly blurted out to the woman to introduce the very small child to her passions in life. What better way, I thought at the time, to get mother and child, even at such a young age, to get to know one another.

All this food for thought got me to start pondering on my own passions because, truth be told, I had not been giving it much thought lately. You see, I have been jam packed with work lately and have had very little time or space for myself. So, as I sat down to think about this, I appeared to be utterly clueless. I had not the foggiest idea on what really excites me at this still-early stage of my life. But then it dawned on me that while I may not have been all that active in mind, body and spirit, well not as much as I would have liked, I had been passing on my all round passions to my clients.

To say that I had not been active is a misnomer. As I said, I had already been acting out on my passions towards my clients, helping them towards new creative ways to keep their minds and bodies busy and organising their daily schedules better. Well, so far so good then, I suppose. Now, if only I could act on those passions. If you recall my introduction, I said that organising my own ideas is ironic. I ask myself this question again today; why can’t I organise my own day as well as I suggest to others to do in their lives.

Let me close this post then for now. I hope, over time, all passions will be revealed to you in good time.