How to act on your passions

Again, it seems like I might have some difficulty getting this post off the ground.
My first thought on how to act on our passions put me on the spot. Professionally trained and with a great deal of practice behind me, I have very little difficulty with my motivating techniques towards my clients. One of the skills that are used here is a little disheartening to me right now, and now it is becoming a bit of a poser. When dealing with clients, I have to distance myself from them emotionally. Not always easy to do, but I manage well enough.

But this technique does not quite work for me when I am trying to address my own life. It becomes particularly difficult when I have somehow deliberately resisted a personal exploration of my own emotions. Anyway, now that I have this post off of the ground, let the words just flow. Now that I think about it, I am off to a good start. I have raised quite a valid point. And giving advice, never mind not taking it to heart myself, is easy. So, that being said, if you do have passions in your life, things that really interest you, well, just act on them.

Get on with it and see where it takes you. The valid point, I feel, is something we have all dealt with in our lives, perhaps some of you are dealing with this right now. While we do have our passions, for whatever reason, we hold ourselves back from seeing it through. There are numerous reasons for this, far too many, I think, that can be mentioned in this post. But perhaps two of the most important setbacks I can think of right now have to do with self-doubt and the resultant act of procrastination.

I wrote to a client about this last year and I coined the personal analogy thus. It was the act of crossing an old, rickety bridge with choppy waters below it. Now, the longer that old bridge stands there, so I thought, the higher that tide below it grows. And as the water laps around the old bridge’s creaking and splintered wooden legs, it begins to corrode at a faster pace. And then over time, the bridge simply collapses.

Now all the while, here I am standing at the foot of this bridge, watching all this natural drama unfold. As I watch it, I become more fearful and even more reluctant to cross that bridge that is destined to take me to my promised land. And, of course, by the time that old bridge has crumbled into the water beneath it, perhaps you know how this story ends. Now that the bridge is buried beneath the waves, gone forever, there is now no way of ever crossing it for me is there?

So, what is to be done then? Simply put, as hard as it is for me, perhaps for you too, do not hesitate. Just cross the darn bridge and get the business over and done with. The silver lining here, of course, will be that by the time that poor old bridge has already disappeared, we have crossed and have gone on to find out just what lies in wait for us at the end of its tunnel. We get to realize our passions and find out just how much it means to us.

We move towards a sense of fulfillment. We move towards a sense of accomplishment. We have seen something to the end. Hip hip hooray, as they say in celebration. Sometimes of course, things aren’t always meant to be, but there is really only one way of finding out, isn’t there? And the longer we put passions and other important preoccupations of the mind off, the worse we may make it for ourselves. Well now then, even I feel that I have accomplished something. And to think that I almost gave up on this post.

I am so glad I got this far. But, wait for it, guess what; there lies another bridge yonder for me to cross. Such is life, wouldn’t you agree.