This post will be a little entertaining, perhaps quite exciting for some of you reading this. That is, if you are a mother of young children.

For me, this is breaking into new, unexplored territory, but for you, this may be old hat in more ways than one. In an earlier post, I told you that a young mother approached me in regard to trying to organise a first birthday party for her little one. Now, my work is all about organising, motivating and planning big events, but planning spirited occasions for tiny tots, well, this is something new for me, I guess.

Tiny tot research

Well, this proved to be easier than I thought. I did not have time to go out exploring at the nearby park to see what mothers and their little kids typically get up to, nor did I have time to go browsing at the bookstore for baby info. So, I simply took liberties with the internet. Fortunately, my research skills are now up to scratch, so finding out accurately what really piques young mothers and their toddlers proved to be easier than I thought.

Motivating the mother

All I had to do was hook this particularly hapless mother on the idea of using cartoon-styled animals to brighten up her little kid’s day. For the love of my own mother, I could not fathom why she had not thought of this before. But, professionally-speaking, it is not my place to question the lady. All it took was one animated phone call, and within minutes, I could visualise the colour in her cheeks as the young mother bought my idea.

Putting the plan together

Lovely, I thought. That went down a lot easier than I thought it would. Basically, I think the mother was more relieved than anything else. Well, good for her. But now the hard work begins for her. Fortunately, I have helped her with this. I have also suggested to her that on the day, she dare not try and do everything herself. Given her fragile state of mind she would simply be overwhelmed and would not be able to cope.

Anyway, I mailed her the plan. There was a list of things to get. She did not need to buy everything. Some things could be hired just for the afternoon. I put together a playful menu which consisted mostly of cakes and sweets, all themed around what I thought would appeal most to growing toddlers, animals mostly, as it turned out. The Disney theme was not only a good idea; it was also easy to source from the party shop.

Then onto the organising

Even for the most skilled and dedicated of mothers, organising party events can be a head ache and a half. For this mother, I recommended that she get no less than four pairs of hands to help her out for the day. Fortunately for her, she was able to do this, so that is going to work out well, I think. I even gave her a timesheet so as to keep things on track. Chaos could ensue if things are allowed to be drawn out or kids are allowed to roam from arm’s length.

So with a flourish, I was able to give you at least a fun-filled impression of how my work for the day unfolds. Hope you enjoyed it.