Could I just say for now that my work is my hobby? Seeing as though I am not quite ready to talk about what I really do in my spare time, of which I have very little of at the moment, and, indeed, I am not even sure where to begin with this personal crusade of hobbies, again, ironic, since I am always giving others great ideas, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what I had been recommending to some of my clients to help keep their minds busy and to help them organise their personal and work lives a little better.

Time and space does not allow me to go into each and every personalised hobby that I would have recommended extensively. Perhaps the opportunity will come about to do this with one or two interesting topics more in-depth on another occasion? What I have done here is create a series of themes or categories that I have found do help people refocus and begin to discard some of the clutter from their lives. Unfortunately, given the troubled nature of some of my clients, it is not always easy motivating them to take action. But, the more enthusiasm that is expressed early on, the better chance a disorganised girl has at reigniting her life in wholesome new ways.

Bear in mind that these ideas, so easy to come up with, I found, are all about getting the lost mind and the lost soul even, to take encouragement from others who seem to be leading pretty normal lives and simply take a leaf out of their books. This does not mean that I am telling hapless folks to simply copy what others are already doing. All it is is an early start to help feed the mind with own, interesting ideas.

Speaking of books, this has always been a personal favourite of mine. I personally enjoy reading, although I have not had much time to do this lately. But here, all the emphasis is placed on motivation and encouragement. So, for these girls, I am recommending anything that is either uplifting or motivational.

I try to tell even the blue collar groups that I sometimes service that everyone can write. After all, we all went to school and were taught how to read and write, even at the most elementary level. In the context of this motivation, I am encouraging the ladies to start up their own blog, just like I have done, and, while reading and watching what others are doing, they are now talking about themselves more openly.

No matter when and how, it is never too late to put yourself through college. There are now ways and means to achieve all of this, even if you were one of those who never got to finish high school perhaps and went straight onto becoming housewives. The thing about college educations, which can be done at night, part-time, in your spare time, is that, while some course material may appear too challenging in the beginning, you are bound to come across something that really interests you and in which you could major in later on.

There is no other way to say this, but exercise is essential to help the mind focus and reorient itself in directions it should be going in. Most women, well the ones I have dealt with anyway, seem to shudder at the thought of this, but I always say that you don’t need to do anything vigorous. Just a good walk around the block every other day will do you a world of good. Then later on, when you feel ready, you can graduate to something a little more strenuous, or even take up sport.

Home is where the heart is
A lot of the girls that I have been coaching have told me how they never seem to have anything to do around the house. Apart from watching TV, that is. No matter how tired we may seem at night or how bored we say we are, we always seem to have time for watching TV and for hours on end. From where I am sitting, even for me, there are plenty of things that need doing around the house. Do not regard them as chores that need to be done, but turn them into functional hobbies which will help preoccupy your mind better.

Earlier, I mentioned exercise. That is more than part of the solution to get your butt outside. If the weather is good and the sun is shining, there is no good reason for keeping yourself cooped up in the house. Go out more. This does not mean you need even spend money doing this. Simple things, like taking a walk through a park, will do just fine for starters.

Human beings and, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, especially the ladies, are sociable creatures. For a disorganised creature, keeping herself away from others, perhaps out of sheer embarrassment, is one of the worst things she can do to herself. Isolation from others is no good. Take time out to join in on activities at your nearby community centre, or religious group if you don’t have any friends at this time. In no time at all, you will soon be meeting and greeting on a more regular basis.

I hope this last point applies to most of you who have been reading this post. Because, at this stage of my life, I cannot quite put my finger around it when I hear some people tell me that they believe in, well, nothing. What I have heard is many confident women telling me that they believe in themselves. Well, that in itself is already a very good thing. Be confident in your inner self and have faith in what you believe and then see what a difference it can begin to make in your troubled life.