And the Irony of it all

One of the secrets of my success I suppose is that I can get really excited about a project I am working on. In this case, it is not money that is a root of some evil but rather a motivator. Because if the job does not get done, I don’t get paid, right? Anyway, the irony of it all is that my own personal excitement for my work, while it rubs off nicely on the client, it does not always affect me positively as it very well should.

I am determined to nip this particular problem of mine in the bud and deal with it. One way of doing this is to keep on working. As I say this, I am motivating myself already. How sweet. Just a minute or so ago, I was tempted to call this session of work to a halt and take that power nap. Actually, when you think about it, there is nothing wrong with that at all. Hard-workers such as you and me should be taking regular breaks.

Otherwise, you can burn yourself out. Now, this next personal project of mine may take some doing because I do not yet have too many clear thoughts on it yet. It may also be the right time to take that all-important break. That does not mean, of course, that you have to go and take a lie down. In fact, like I do sometimes, you can go out for a walk. For me, this wouldn’t be a bad idea because it is really a great day out over here.

So, what is this challenge for me? Well, to be quite honest with you, I am not always sure how I do it. What makes me as successful as I am with my particular brand of work? I think one of the things has to do with enjoyment. I must tell you that every project I tackle is always a little different from the previous one. And, on most occasions, in my humble opinion, with all the professional skills and perceived talents that I have at my disposal, I do not always feel up to the job.

My enjoyment stems from one of my favorite project tasks. To know my subject well enough, even if it is not exactly the most exciting one in the world, I simply have to put my head down and do research. This entails endless pages of reading. Even if the subject appears mundane at first, the practice of reading does relax me somehow. And when the research has been completed, with or without written notes (sometimes I just store them away in my mind), I feel really confident that, now that I have accumulated the information needed, I can complete the project on time.

My confidence levels rise nicely and so I am motivated to put my project plan together and then present it to my client. And usually, the results are good. They buy into the idea, whether with some understandable reluctance, given the circumstances, or with great enthusiasm, always desirable, and, of course, I get paid at the end. What they do with my work afterwards, rests with them. I sometimes do worry myself unnecessarily how they are coping. This is the case when some clients don’t always come back to me and provide me with a progress report on how they are doing.

But on a professional level, I suppose, I have trained my mind to rest easy on this. Once I have received payment for the project, well, I am already working on the next one anyhow. And so the process begins all over again. It is always hard in the beginning, but once the research begins, then it’s back to the fun and games aspect of the project. Ok, while I close this post up now, I’m just thinking that we all have our own unique secrets to being successful in life, even if we are not even aware of them or it is buried somewhere at the back of our minds. But the general recipe is pretty standard, isn’t it. Not always easy to do, it’s all in the implementation and the job just needs to get done, right?