Here Is My bucket list......

They say travel broadens the mind, right? Is this saying old hat or has it become yet another cliché? Well, I think it depends who you are and your personal circumstances. It depends where you are in life and how far you have come or how far you are still trying to go. In my case, I suppose, this will remain a good piece of advice. One of the best tricks I use to get me to sleep, particularly when I have difficulty in doing that, is to count the number of towns and cities across the world I would like to visit someday.

This silly little exercise is very much like counting sheep. Depending on the state of the mind, well, this trick does not always work. In fact, as I sit and type out this post, I am tempted to give this a try right now. But, there is work to be done, and so I persist. Let me cast my mind back to the other evening. Most of you, I am sure by now, must be a little sick and tired of the endless re-runs and repeat movies shown on our local TV networks, right?

It’s frustrating, right? Anyway, in regard to this, sometimes there is a silver lining and a breath of fresh air. It helps to give a new perspective on a particular situation in our own personal lives. So, this was the case for me when my network re-broadcast the movie, The Bucket List. I had vague recollections of seeing it the first time, but this time instinct kicked in and I was curious. I had the feeling that this movie was going to inspire me and even make me laugh.

And it did just that. Here were two old men both afflicted with life-threatening cancer. What trauma and what drama. It was time for these gentlemen to cross that proverbial fork in the road because there was just no way they were going to get out of these crises other than to face up to it. And so they did. It all started with one man’s bucket list. The other man was curious and because he had the material resources to go through with this wish list, he told his friend, well why not.

And off they went. They pretty much travelled around the world and this helped them, in the end, to deal with their circumstances. And yes, this movie instilled positive thoughts in my own mind, and yes, it raised more than one laugh. If, for some reason, you have not seen this movie, I recommend it highly. It’s quite uplifting, really. Right, so how would I address my own bucket list then? At the moment, all I have are my dreams.

And while counting the cities of the world, sometimes my dreams take me to those places I’d like to visit someday, just like those two old men ended up doing. Remember one thing about life, if you have not got the means to do this just yet, always stay true to your goals in life. Always keep your dreams in mind. Never give up on them. In fact, I would venture to say that we could follow the example of the one old man.

Remember, I told you that he wrote out his own bucket list of things he would still like to do some day. Let’s do this. Make up a list of these things. Then put that list away somewhere safe. That way, perhaps, we won’t be forgetting them any day soon.