This post indulges in a bit of a confession I need to make.

But I hope, at the same time, that it serves as a source of inspiration for all you ladies out there that are finding that your plates are a bit too full these days. My confession is this. Even though I spend most of my work life motivating and guiding my clients how to better organise and create a healthy balance between their work day and their personal lives, I somehow, have yet to master this balancing act for myself.

Now, for several months now, I have been struggling to get up in the morning. It seems as though I have taken a little too much extra stress than I am usually used to managing. Those who can relate could call this the result of project overload. Or, worse still, it could even be a case of burn out. Even so, I am glad to be getting my thin little finger around this little conundrum of mine. I won’t lie to you but I do enjoy my beauty sleep.

And even on the best of days, who wouldn’t mind another extra hour or two lying in bed until the sun does not know which way to shine. Problem with this little problem of mine is that it really messes up my day. One of the most important things I try to instil in my clients who need this is discipline. Because especially when things get really hard to manage, discipline, it becomes quite tempting to do this, can be chucked out the window.

Fortunately, my work imperatives prevent this from happening to me. Without any discipline on my part I would soon have no work to get up to in the morning. And without work, well you guessed right, no money for anything else that I might have been trying to dream about. That’s the funny thing about trying to stay a little longer in bed. Wishing upon sweet dreams, I end up dreaming about work anyway. Oh well, may as well get up then.

Anyway, you will have heard the saying that the early bird catches the worm. Now, while I seem to be at my most alert and most productive in the afternoon, the general convention, and, you may as well add, the general rule of thumb for most working girls, especially the mothers, is that the morning is where they are going to be at their peak. Given the work load, by the time the afternoon rolls about, most women are feeling doggone tired anyway.

Women are legendary for their ability to be effective organisers and great at multi-tasking. And yet, in my station, now you may see this too, the irony continues to bite. Another thing about productive women worth noting is that they are often more creative than the men. Or are they? I invite anyone who has differing opinions of this observation to join the conversation here. Now, I realise that, even in today’s day and age, there are still far too many women who fear risking their careers and livelihoods by taking chances with their career ambitions.

I still dare you to try. As hard as it may still be, I would not be telling you this if I did not believe in the possibilities at the end.